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Lead block

Dear Maja/Designs, Precast lead bullets can be purchased at a
shooting supply store. Astore specializing in "black powder"guns and
supplieswill stock ingots oflead. Plumbers and roofers still use lead
in their trade. Askabout their sources. If you have never used lead
before, take the time to read about it’s nature and use in your
jewelry books. Safety First! Allan Wilkinson

There have been some suggestions to use sinkers and shot for melting
into a lead block. Keep in mind that these are not made out of lead
any more unless they are specifically designated as such. There was
fear that lead would leach into the groundwater from sportsmans use
of these items so they’re now made mostly of zinc.

Just for your

I remember one time I had a very small piece of led solder on my
silver soldering bricks. The led went into the silver I was
soldering. It made a very bad soft area that I could not polish. I
had to dig a large recess in the silver to remove the soft area. If
you use lead around silver be sure you do not have any slivers around
you soldering area. Do not solder any piece until you have checked
for lead shavings on the silver.