LaVaque Head & Shank Tweezers

Hello all you jewelers who hate soldering a head to shank only to
find it is misaligned by only the tiniest bit. There are new
tweezers out there that make this problem disappear! The patented
LaVaque Head & Shank Tweezers. These tweezers allow you to solder
accurately every time. The curved, grooved tip holds the shank in
place while the see-thru glass base secures the head. You can check
the alignment from all sides, even the TOP! The replaceable, high
temperature glass can withstand direct flame of solder for dozens of
jobs. I would not recommended these tweezers for platinum work due
to the higher temperatures. These tweezers you will find are going
to save you time and frustration, paying for themselves in only a
short time. Multiple suppliers are carrying them, just google it.
I’ll attach a few pictures, so you have a visual. Say Good Bye ! to
those crooked heads.

Happy soldering,

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