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Lava Rocks

Does anyone know where I may purchase lava rock beads? I’ve looked
everywhere that I can think of and haven’t been able to find them.

Hello Lillian: Do you mean Obsidian? Natural glass.

Michael R. Mathews

lillian, Scottsdale Bead Supply have some lava rock beads in stock.

Hi Lillian,

I purchased some at the Tucson Gem show two years ago and my friend
TLee bought some this past year…and I am not sure of the vendor
but if you e-mail me off list <@Sara_Commers> I will ask her
this week.

Sara Grinnell
Studio C Designs
C&L Gems LLC
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Do you mean Obsidian? Natural glass.

Thanks. No, I mean natural lava rock. It is used more and more in
jewelry design.

Does anyone know where I may purchase lava rock beads? I've looked
everywhere that I can think of and haven't been able to find them. 

Hi Lillian,

I found very beautiful lava beads at the “Inhorgenta”, the biggest
jewelry show in Europe, which is in Munich Germany every year in
February (

Edith Schneider Jewelry
P.O.Box 52001
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 813 9755

Hi Lillian,

I have found a USA source for the Lava Beads. You can look at this
link for beads. They have a huge selection and photos of all the
sizes and shapes of Lava Beads. These ones are the rough lava stone
that show the gas pockets made when the gas filled the lava as it
erupted. They do not polish well but have beautiful contrast as is. is based in Los Angeles I believe and they seem to
specialize in stone beads from around the world.

The basalt beads discussed earlier in this thread do take a high
polish and are easily cut. Obsidian is a volcanic glass and takes a
high polish as well.

I have seen rough lava beads at jewelery stores here in Iceland,
(home to a lot of free lava of every imaginable variety…) but the
beads are mostly imported from an Italian firm.

Good luck
Peter Peterson

Hi gang, I tried to get about local Indian use of lava
beads. Unfortunately I was only able to speak with a work-study
student who could barely muster up a confused look and polite
apology. She said she had no idea who I should even ask. Nice girl,
just uninformed on the topic, kinda like me but the plumbing is
different. Sorry I couldn’t get more info for you. I thought it was
a sure shot.


Thank you to all who responded to the request for on the
lava rocks. I ordered them from I received them
within one day and they are perfect. I really appreciate this forum.
It is great to see an industry filled with people who are willing to
help one another.