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Laughlin, Quartzsite 2006


I am planning to drive down from Canada to Laughlin and Quartzsite
in Jan. Does anybody know what the show situation is in Laughlin, as
the info they have on their website is a bit confusing. Also what
would be the best time to be in Quartzsite?

Also does anyone know of any good Rock shops along the way, I will
be driving up from Vegas. There was a post a while back that said
there was a great shop with a large selection of reasonably priced
slabs somewhere in that area, but I can’t find it now.

Thanks for your help


Hi Gerry and Everyone

The Clouds Jamboree has an outdoor set up at the Avi Hotel and
Casino (just outside of Laughlin on the river) from January 6 to
February 5 in their RV park.

Clouds will also have a few small shows running for only a week in
Laughlin proper. The shows are located at the Edgewater (outside
tent), the Ramada (inside upstairs), and the Riverside (outside
tent). These shows run from January 13 to January 22. These dates
are the best time to go to Laughlin if you want to see everything at
once including the show at the Avi. None of them are spectacular
shows though. The shows at the hotels tend to be small and geared
mostly toward people buying jewelry or beads. The show at the Avi
Hotel is a little bigger and geared more toward the rough rock buyer
with a little bit of jewelry and craft stuff mixed in.

The Quartzsite show are as follows:

January 1 - 28 Desert Gardens
January 6 - 15 Tyson Wells Rock/Gem/Mineral Show
January 6 - 31 The Main Event
January 20 - 29 Tyson Wells Sell-A-Rama
January 25 - 29 QIA Pow Wow

The best time to be in Quartzsite is January 25 - 29. That would
allow you to go to Desert Gardens, The Main Event, TW Sell-A-Rama
and the QIA Pow Wow. You would miss the Tyson Wells rock show but
almost all of those vendors either stay on to sell at the
Sell-A-Rama or they move to QIA Pow Wow (and a few vendors do both
shows at once). I personally believe that the best quality show in
Quartzsite for rough rock is the QIA Pow Wow. The Pow Wow has over
400 vendors and an interesting selection of rough at good prices.

As for a good rock shop between Las Vegas and Quartzsite, if you
take the most direct route there isn’t one. You may have heard of
Jewelry and Minerals of Las Vegas which is on east Sahara Ave. This
store is big but it is not for the rough rock buyer. They don’t have
any rough available at all. J&M of LV is a store of imported carved
stone from around the world (animal shapes, vases, chessboards,
etc), imported jewelry, fossil specimens, beads and a few odds and

On the road from Las Vegas to Quartzsite, there are no rock shops to
stop at. If you are interested in rough rock or slabs, we have tons
of various agates, jaspers and miscellaneous in our back yard from
years of my husband’s rockhounding and buying collections. Just call
us while you are in Las Vegas and we can arrange a time for you to
come by the house.

Best Regards,
Nancy Stinnett
Geosoul Arts
(702) 338-0909


Good morning,

Thanks to everyone that replied to my request for info on the
Quartzsite shows. I have one more question tho…does anyone know if
there are any field trips planned during the show and when. If not
are there any locations close by that would be worth while spending a
day looking?

Thanks again