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Thanks so much for the replies! I am glad to hear that small lathes
can be used for these ring projects. I was looking into the Sherline
or the Prazi as a possible Christmas present to myself. I would love
to know what lathes people are using out there in Orchidland. Also,
how do you feel about using CAM in jewelry making? I’ve seen some
great machines that cut and/ or dispense wax for casting, but I am
more interested in computer-machined metal. These days I’m having
nightmres with precision cutting and filing for my classes so machines
are sounding more and more appealing! Juliet Gamarci


I love my Sherline lathe and mill. It is small and very precise and
has many accessories that you can purchase or make. It is also able
to be converted to full CNC. These types of machines are not easy to
use, but once the art of machining is learned, they can make many
amazing things.


Juliet There are companies making CNC versions of the Sherline, as
well as retrofit kits, from that standpoint you might consider the
sherline lathe. I have Model Master’s ArtCAM system, and it has
boosted my model making tremendously. As far as lathes go, I have a
Unimat 3, it comes in handy, though it has its limitations.

Rick Hamilton

Gold and Platinumsmithing,
CAD/CAM and modelmaking,
Jewelry Photography…