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Latest Orchid postings

Good morning Orchid,

I am not accepting further posts beyond this note to the “CAD in our
classes” thread.

If you have contributed and have not seen your post distributed but
still feel that you have something constructive or informative to
add, please do it in a new thread.

I must addmit that I am becoming concerned about the tone of a whole
group of postings that have gone through Orchid recently.

Please allow me to clarify my position on this matter. I do not take
sides on the issues presented within the forum, but it is my job to
monitor and contain the interactions that will then be broadcast
across the form. We have more than 13,0000 subscribers out there,
from all over the world, with different levels of tolerance, who log
in once a day to read postings on gem and jewelry related matters.
It is not my intent to constrain or censor your comments. It is, on
the other hand, my job to keep the forum healthy and maintain the
integrity of the content.

I must ask each one of you to excercise some restraint with regards
to your postings, to stick to the general guidelines of netiquette
and the forum’s rules.

It is perfectly fine to disagree with people publicly, but be
careful how you do it. For example, if you think someone is giving
wrong on a particular subject, it may be fine to say
"this idea is wrong," but it is over the line to say “you are

No personal attacks will ever be allowed on Orchid. I am asking you
to stay with us, and to help maintain the spirit of Orchid and
Ganoksin that support jewelers worldwide for almost 20 years.


Thank you for making the rules quite clear. Your post is a most
important clarification of how we are to post our questions,
suggestions, ideas, techniques, etc. And I totally agree, no one
should be sniping at anyone else. We are all working hard to succeed
and this forum started as a place to exchange about how
to’s, answers to questions and anything helpful. All of a sudden it
seems to have exploded with personal vendettas, clad in concrete
comments with no wiggle room at all.

I so appreciate your very well worded posting and hope that everyone
will read it and accept the standards posted therein. You have done
an incredible job and I am amazed at your ability to keep things on
track. You are indeed our leader of importance and you make all this
possible. Everyone should definitely appreciate all your do. While I
grow old, you all grow up. At 82 (almost) I have seen and heard a
whole lot of unnecessary comments along with some excellent
clarification and explanations. Over the years I have been a member
(a long, long, time) i have learned an incredible number of things
and everyone has always been so unbelievably kind and helpful to me.
May we return to this atmosphere of a helping forum. Thanks ever so


Am glad this long running chain of messages will come to an end. On
Orchid we have just one purpose and that is to teach. Not squander
our time on defending our thoughts. I always. If you have nothing
purposeful to say. then don’t say it. enjoy your weekend. regards

Thank you ! I have been quite dismayed at the personal attacks of
some of the postings.

It is not difficult to be civil and considerate even when

Elegant Insects Jewelry

Thank you, Hanuman, for your wise posting today. I am a retired
nurse and have embarked on this wonderful and new career. Last year I
found Ganoksin and was thrilled with the and support
until lately. The Orchid Digest has been discussed in my classes and
I must tell you that most of my talented instructors as well as
fellow students have stopped reading the postings because of the
lengthy opinions and arguments that have replaced hints, tips, and
that truly helps others. This forum should not be a
showcase for egos, but for the genuine exchange of
support and the exchange of ideas.

Betsy Lurey

I must ask each one of you to exercise some restraint with regards
to your postings, to stick to the general guidelines of netiquette
and the forum's rules. 

I wish to commend Hanuman for his control of this forum. This is the
second thread that has gotten out of hand over the past six months.
I do not appreciate the arrogant and rude remarks that I have been

Dale Pavatte
Diamonds For You
Decherd, Tennessee

Thank you!

I was a member of this group in the late 1990’s and cherished the
and kindness of its members. I will never forget how
Charles Lewton-Brain took time to email me privately to help me with
a technique with which I was struggling. All the posters were
informative and kind.

Since rejoining the group several months ago, I have been disturbed
by the tone and arrogance of some of the posts. I only skim many of
the comments because they tend to be pontificating, instead of
informing and teaching.

Thank you again for monitoring these posts and returning the forum
to the wonderful place on the web I fondly remember.

Candyce Moreland

THANK YOU for saying what needed to be said. I appreciate the forum
so much but sometimes it really is sad to see how people talk to each

All my best,

I’m going to join the chorus of thanks Hanuman, and agree with Betsy
Lurey - I’ve had people recently tell me they quit reading because a
few people had become so strident and rude. It really turns you off
to wake up and read that sort of negativity.

Blessings to all and may everyone make lovely jewelry!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

If you have nothing purposeful to say. then don't say it. 

Yes, Gerald, exactly. Personally, we’ve been finalizing our move -
today is our walk-through - resting from our moving the last couple
of weeks, and watching the San Francisco 49ers put the hurt on other
teams lately. Just last October we were compelled to watch another
World Series parade, and now it seems likely we’ll have to sit
through another Superbowl parade, soon. Life is rough…

So, I’m just catching up on the mail. The answer to the question
that’s been closed was found long, long ago on that thread. I just
quit reading it after it turned into venting, which happens too
often these days, yes. Me, I learn something every day. Too many
people in this world don’t know about something but just feel the
need to talk anyway.

thank you so much for your recent timely and well-worded reminder @
‘netiquette’ (LOVE the term!). I am ever more impressed with your
organization and of the education made available through your work.
I have learned so much, continue to learn so much from this amazing
community you have brought together - thanks again for reminding us
to watch our Ps and Qs, and to share knowledge without taking (or
giving) personal insult.

(I’m mystified why some people take others’ arrogance or personality
to heart. Take the knowledge, leave the rest!)

Sam Kaffine

Return to civility

[I sent this on Jan. 19, but since it hasn’t appeared, I am re-sending.]

Thank you for your thoughts on this, Lisa. I agree on the wide
generosity of the Orchid members and that rudeness (or arrogance) is
never called for. But I wonder if postings to Orchid have fallen off
for other reasons. When I first joined, over 10 years ago, it was
just at the time when folks were sending in some of their favorite
short-cuts, etc., in jewelrymaking. I copied pages of this useful
stuff, filled notebooks with it, and still refer back to them.

But currently the topics on Orchid seem mostly limited to precious
metals and the use of very expensive equipment. It’s been weeks
since I’ve copied any from the list, since I do not use
precious metals, nor do I make my living from jewelrymaking. I just
enjoy constructing (and wearing) base metal jewelry, and sell about
$3,000-$4,000 of it per year out of one gallery. I could sell a lot
more, but then it wouldn’t be fun.

I can think of a few other possible reasons why postings have fallen
off (other than that they currently are not very relevant to
hobbyists or part-time jewelers). In the Orchid Archives, one can get
some basic questions answered by doing a little research. There’s
increasing use of the Internet, and there are also more colorful
books being written and basic classes on jewelrymaking being taught.

Because of my personality and age, I am not put off by rudeness. I
just skip over it. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Thanks to all of you (like Lisa) who are so kind and generous,
Judy Bjorkman

I have contributed many comments from the beginning.

Recently I have declined to make many comments on areas of my
experience and expertise.

I do not like to be insulted and I do not insult.

When hugh egos and experts combine you can say goodbye to me.

As a teacher with twenty-seven years of experience and forty-two
years of jewelry making I do not need to compete with anyone on how
good I am or what I know.

I’ll wait and see if the “know-it-alls” can show some grace to
assist everyone.

Best regards,
Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College

Here is couple of small thing YOU can do NOW to help restore the
supportive atmosphere of Orchid

  1. Plant the seeds for constructive and interesting discussions - Ask
    a question, start a thread or share an idea.

  2. Participate - answer a question or comment on an idea

it’s really that simple
for a better Orchid

Hi Judy,

But currently the topics on Orchid seem mostly limited to precious
metals and the use of very expensive equipment. 

What would you like to see on Orchid?

I have other skills outside of jewellery making that “could” be used
to make unique pieces. I’m sure that there are people with many
different skills that are not normally associated with the jewellery

Would you be interested in knowing about exotic timbers (images
included), and other materials that can be incorporated into
jewellery pieces?

Would you like to know about leather work techniques that also can
be used to make accents or braided cords?

Would you like to know how to make a furnace, a forge, and how to
use them?

I’m happy to share what I have learned (no charge ;-)), as I’m sure
other people on the list are willing to do.

Regards Charles A.

Hi Hanuman,

Ive not found in the year or so ive been a follower and poster on
Ganoksin, that there has been any really abusive or personal posts
that offended me.

I didnt read any of the CAD thread, so dont really know the extent
of this particulr problem.

What I do find annoying, is posts that ask questions that are easily
answered if the poster made a little effort to look around on the
net or in books.

Im happy to help someone who is really stuck but not so if there
just in my view being lazy.

It would seem apossible idea for there to be a general guide line
post from you that everyone should get setting this out.

Tho we all know how difficult it is to get anyone to do something
they havnt thought of.

If you have read any of my posts on metalworking and if there has
been any occasion that you think I have been out of order I would
like you to let me know.

you may have seen I have strong views on the ways of doing things in
jewellery as well as the other things I make.

If you havnt had a look Ive a very out of date web site Google for
ted frater bronzesmith and minter.

My work history fot the first 40 yrs or so will give you the
background to what goes on here!!


In the interest of contributing to these forums I AM starting to
make contributions to these discussions, am going to re-read the
rules and code of coduct so that I stay within them and that I won’t
be a P. I.A to the mderators (P. I.A. is a code I use in a customer
record to indicate that perhaps they don’t get included in marketing
mailings or invitations to special events!) and will soon have many
questions that I will be encouraging participation in answering.

I need to update my Google Profile, Facebook Profile, etc. to make
it easier for someone to see MY multi-faceted skillset and knowledge.
That might make it easier for someone to ask me a relevent question.

Why would I want to do that? Well. Today I became a halfcenturion
and I would like SOMEONE to be able to properly eulogize me. I don’t
have any kids!

I have been a “lurker” here at Orchid for many years. Time to become
an active participant!

Keith (aka madjeweler)
Keith Hible.

Hello everyone on Orchid I have been sitting back and waiting to get
into the fray again. I am a diamond setter for only 53 years. I
refuse to prove my point on any little minutia of setting a little
stone. I prefer not to get into any argument on my own interpretation
of setting.

That been said, I think I have a interesting amount of useful
just on diamond and gemstone setting. I am a humble
setter who has seen many advances in our profession.

I am no better, or less than anyone here on Orchid, but my
credentials lay in my “Gerry’s Blog”.

We are all here to teach the beginners or even the advanced- level
professional. Please let us all put down our ego’s and leave them off
the Orchid computer screen. Always here!


Hi Judy

We do tend to get caught up in the current hot topics. When the
experts from opposing camps argue it is always intense. But the
is very informative, even if virulently put.

There many justifications for techniques, recently I (amongst
others) caused much ire for calling a fraud for what it is.

Many of us are old and speak our minds without fear or favour.

However we will answer any questions, no matter how newbie they are.

I currently work in sterling and gold and gems. However I have
worked in resin, sequins, beads and even made jewellery out of rubber
car mats.

If you don’t like the hot arguments post a new topic or ask a
question. We will put our “discussions” aside to help everyone. Then
get back to the #$ fight.

Orchid is for everyone, even those who like a good argument. However
insults should be avoided if possible.


I’ve only been a member for a few years and am just a “hobbyist”. I
got intoit when I decided to make my daughter a diamond and
alexandrite channel setnickel white gold wedding band. To give you an
idea of how clueless I was, and make you smile, my wife asked me to
make her a diamond and pink sapphire ring in rose gold after seeing
the result. I didn’t realize that nickel whitegold was different than
rose gold. When I used my 16oz carpenters hammer toset the stones,
the way I did with the white gold, after I had the stones set and
took the ring out of the vise, I had hammered the ring flat. Now I
know why I got that goldsmith hammer. I’ve done a lot of searches
through thearchives for answers. I love this site.

On the other hand, I have posted a few times (about 3d printers
recently) when I couldn’t find an answer and have noticed the "edge"
to some of the responses. I’m old and retired from a consulting
background and know how to let comments roll my back to get to the
answers I’m looking for from the group. So I’m not that worried
about how people respond to me, but I’m not happy about the people
in this group that, unlike me have some real gifts to impart, not

I hope those people that are reserved or vacillating about
responding, remember there are plenty of people out here who
appreciate your experience and advice. Try to also remember that
everyone reading can spot the people who are being “edgy” and its
they’re respect and professionalism which suffers.