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Late notes about Tucson

The past month flown by in record time beginning with the Engravers
Guild show and seminars in Reno at the end of January, then Tucson
for a week, the n Nebraska for a week, and finally two back to back
workshops - I finally get a day to myself. (Before another workshop
starts tomorrow.)

Tucson was much, much better for me this year, I was 30 pounds
heavier and I had no problem staying on my feet all day every day. I
was lucky enough to b e sharing the week with five pretty incredible
women. Thank you Molly, Marta, Glenda, Rachel, and Leanna.

Went first to Phoenix, checking out the new Metal’s Edge Studio, got
a tour of the Molina’s store and workshop from Karl Linger - and a
look at some rea l heavyweight diamonds. Then we passed a couple of
hours with Michael Sturlin and his wife Praparat at his studio. You
really have to hold his work in your hands to fully appreciate what
he does.

Met some new people at the Orchid dinner, as well some that I’ve come
know pretty well over the past couple of years. I finally connected
up with the B onny Doon group, and went to their dinner also. I
monopolized Anne Hollerbach (or was it the other way ‘round?), and
got invited to come watch her at work - teaching at Rio’s Catalog In
Motion. Any of you who know her or have been lu cky enough to take one
of her workshops know what I mean and everyone e lse who has ANY use
for a hydraulic press in their workshop should try get their
introduction from her! Lee Marshall ain’t half bad at it either -
but I thin k he’ll agree Anne’s got something special goin’ for her!

Having attended more than a few of the Tucson shows by now, I know
it is futile to even think about trying to see it all. It cannot be
physically don e anymore. I limit myself to really seeing a half dozen
or so of what I believ e to be the most important shows and I take my
time at those.

Learn to take a notebook, with insert pages for business cards - and
WRITE O N THE BACKS OF THE CARDS as well as taking notes - otherwise
you will never remember who had what when you get home! I couldn’t
buy much this year, beca use I haven’t been working for the past 16
months, but I do know where to get the stuff when I have an income
once again.

I’ve got a ton of notes to go though yet, and I have yet to write a
lot of the people I met - so if you are one of those who expected to
hear from me - you will…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
2207 Lucile Ave.
Stockton, CA 95209
209-477-0550 Workshop/Studio/Classrooms