Laser welding equipment

Howdy all,

My employer has taken an interest in the possibility of getting
a laser welder for my shop. After looking over the brochure, I’m
left with a pile of questions and misgivings. I can’t imagine
that they weld full depth on a thick shank…probably just in a
bit. Are the joins strong enough? Can you reposition a piece and
reweld? How about dealing with oxidization and storing those
inert gasses? Strengths? Weaknesses in shop applications? Is
anyone currently using one of these babies at work? I’d
appreciate any info you all have. Meantime, I’ll plan on trying
to test-drive one at the Manufacturer’s show in March.



Jane, Go for it now before they change their mind. I played with
one of these at the last MJSA show and they are incredible.
Someone brought in an earring that needed to be repaired to test
it. An 18k flower with a diamond center (one petal had come off)
Three zips later it was fused together. No oxidation, it is so
fast it doesn’t heat the stones or the metal. You hold the piece
with your hand and focus the laser beam onto the spot that you
want welded then step on the foot pedal and it is finished. For
larger areas you will need to zap it several times. I think that
the fused area is probably the strongest section on the piece
when done. And you can get into some pretty tiny areas that would
be impossible with a regular torch. I succeeded on my second try
with a perfect weld. My first try I was nervous of the machine.
This is one machine I wouldn’t mind taking up space in my studio.
Susan Sarantos Happy New Year of the Rabbit!