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Laser welder help needed

Anybody out there using a laser welder in a repair shop? I have an
optician friend with a very expensive pair of Italian designer frames
that need repair…seems a little bar fell off. Can’t take a torch to
these without ruining the finish. He’s desperate…he has these sold,
if he can repair them.

Contact me if you’re interested, and I’ll have him contact you.

Doug Zaruba

Try Martin Stuart, (818)890-4254. He is located in So. Calif. I sent
a brooch to him for repair, and was pleased with the outcome. Alana

Doug, I have a laser. Give me a call @ 770.382.8268.

Bob Staley
B.Staley Goldsmiths
Precision Laser Welding
770.382.8268 fax 770.387.9243

Dear Doug,

Feldstein Jewelers is advertising laser welding service. I have not
used then yet but plan to. They are at 715-735-6913.

Best Regard,
Todd Hawkinson

We also do laser repairs for the trade-

Feel free to contact me @405-840-5855 or via email

Thank you-
Arthur Gordon