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Laser welder begginner

Hellow gankoskin world, I have bought a laser welder and will be
getting it next week. I am getting the Rofin and I was hoping to
have some advice on which settings will get me started. I basically
know nothing about laser welding and would like some pointers for a
begginner. Thanks, Scott Isaacs Berrys Jewerly Co. Nashville, TN

Dear Scott:

Sorry to hear that you selected one of LaserStar’s competitors
machines, yet I wish you good luck.

Nevertheless, Crafford-LaserStar is pleased to offer you enrollment
in a LaserStar Learning Center Jewelry Applications Training Course.
Our Introduction to Laser Welding covers the fundamental “laser skill
sets” required to be on your way to profitable laser welding results.
If you would like to learn more about our educational courses,
please contact Ms. Louise Pichierri at 401-438-1500.

Good Luck Laser Welding.

James Gervais