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Laser soldering an antique stanhope

I recently had a jump ring installed on my Antique Stanhope the
jeweler claimed they used a laser, but, when I picked it up the two
images were gone and they claim that the laser caused it. In reading
yr article it doesn’t seem it would do this. Can you please let me
know if this is a possibility, otherwise they emersed in water even
after I asked them not to, and we wrote it all over the repair

I’m heart broken, can you help?
Thank you

Was the jump ring simply threaded through an existing loop and
soldered closed, or was a loop soldered onto the item? Either way, I
can’t see how my PUK would/could remove an image, nor a laser -
unless of course the laser was directed through the lens to the

It does sound like the repair might have been done by torch, and the
pickled. I can laser weld nearly anywhere, with minimal effects on
the adjacent materials.

You are right a laser would not have erased the picture. Neither
would water. In the photographic process of the old wet darkroom, we
used lots of water. The final step was to wash in water for a
determined amount of time depending on the chemicals used. So the
worry about the water is not one to have bothered the image. Yes
temperature is crucial, and high heat can ruin the image. If a laser
was used the heat would not have reached the image in any significant
amount to have done the damage. Sounds more like was not handled
properly during the addition of the jump ring. Also the acid in a
pickle wash would have affected it as well, if it were pickled after
the soldering. An image of the charm would be helpful.