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Laser Repair on Titanium


Hi GOOD PEOPLE, I’am looking for someone that can laser weld a pair
of titanium eyeglass frames. PLEASE CALL Jeff Ellis 1-812-522-3228 or
E-mail me .I look forward to hearing from you. THANK YOU


Hello Jeff:

Crafford-LaserStar Technologies are experts at laser welding
titanium for eyeglass applications as well as dental laboratory
implant/partial/crown & bridge applications.

If you would like to send your eyeframes to us, please contact Giles
Pope, our practicing bench jeweler applications specialist, and he
will be sure to assist. If you prefer to identify a regular source,
please still contact us and we can put you in contact with one of our
many sources for eyewear/eyeframe repair for all alloys who use the
LaserStar technology.

James Gervais