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Laser or Pulse ARC Welder in CNY

Does anyone in Central New York (Syracuse area), have a laser welder or pulse arc welder? I have a customer who needs to have a large number of charm jump rings soldered. Many of the charms have material on them that won’t survive the heat of a torch. Reply via email if you want me to pass your name on to her. Thanks…Rob

I’m not around Syracuse (born there), go to FB and join Jewelers Helping Jewelers group. Once accepted post your question. You’ll get some help. Good luck

I attempted to drop you a message, but not sure if it ever actually was sent.

While I may not be right next door to Syracuse, I am fairly close, @ 1 1/2 East of you. Earlier this year I retired from the retail jewelry trade after 40 + years as a retail bench jeweler, and now operate a small trade shop, including laser welding, general repair and diamond setting for the retail trade in area around the Capital Region of NY.
I am mostly avoiding the retail end of our trade at this point, but if I can help either you or your customer feel free to contact me.
Some of my accounts ship work, while some stores that are closer I service personally.