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Laser Mokume - The Satow Method


This so called Laser Mokume that is described in the last Tips and
Faqs Issue #154 is an interesting use of lazers, but bears no
resemblance to mokume. I think it is a travesty to call it mokume.
Why not call it inlay?

Judy Hoch


I think I’d have to agree. I’ve seen some incredible examples of
mokume that are mind blowing, the dedication and skill it takes to
make always impresses. I’ve even seen first attempts at mokume that
good. The laser technique is interesting but ultimately didn’t have
the same visual grab as the real stuff, inlay imitation mokume sounds
like a better term.


I think it is a travesty to call it mokume. Why not call it inlay? 

I’m going to have to second that one. This is decidedly not
mokume, and labeling it as such could cheapen mokume if enough people
promote this technique, at a time when mokume is beginning to become
recognized by more of the buying public.

Matthew Crawford


Steve Satow isn’t making Mokume-Gane, but he is creating a nice
"Marriage of Metal" ring. This is the exact process of marriage of
metal, but done on a thicker stock. Normally you would take flat
sheet and pierce out a negative space, solder in different colors of
metal and then file them down to create one smooth look.

Using the laser welder just raises the bar of what a laser welder
will do, but you can do the same process with soldering without a
25,000 machine. I do think showing different techniques for the laser
welder is cool.

Deborah Krupenia is one of the premier marriage of metal artisans.
Here’s a sample of her work.

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
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