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Laser engraving on concave silver surface?


Hi all,

Can anyone tell me about laser engraving on a concave silver surface?
Is there any technical hinderance to doing so? I want to get a
pattern on a 12mm diameter by 2mm deep surface. Thank you to any
advice at all.



according to my excperience the only way to engrave by laser is the
"LASER ENGRAVING SYSTEMS" but it’s a very expensive system. It costs
about $53000 so you have to ask if there is near you an engraving
workshop. Also there is the traditional pantograph. The cost is
about $6000 (powered with software) but I don’t think you need to buy
something like these. Have a look at google for LASER ENGRAVING
SYSTEMS or for LASER ENGRAVING MACHINES and I think you will find
something near you.

Hope these to be usefull