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Laser engraver

Hi all. Our store is looking to purchase a laser engraving system.
We also do hand engraving if the customer is willing to pay for the
labor. The idea is that the laser system purchase will be instead of
a New Hermes style machine setup. Is anyone out there using one of
these systems in a retail store, do you like it? is it profitable?
can you train salespeople to use it? which system do you use and
why? What should we know that the salesman at the booth in Vegas did
not tell us about these machines? Any input will be greatly

Thanks in advance, Marggi

There are two laser engravers one is the laser star and the one I
have had some time on is the rofin laser engraver. You can contact
Steve at 978-206-7466

Andy ’ The Tool Guy" Kroungold