Laser Carbon Remover tool tip

I discovered that this grill cleaner works great for removing carbon
build up. It removes it from the back of rings, under stones. It
works well for both torch and especially laser repairs. The fine soot
from lasers is sometimes hard to remove from behind stones this is
the best stuff I have found to date. It is available at Sam’s club
for less than $ 5.00 per gallon. Or their web site to find out how to order.

1- Use the cleaner full strength.

2- For rings, small pendants and earrings use a clear film canister
(Fugi). With it empty make a small vent hole in the lid (very
important). The cleaner can build pressure in the ultrasonic and you
don’t want the lid popping off unexpectedly and splashing someone.
Follow the label instructions for skin and eye contact.

3- Fill the container 1/3 full drop in the jewelry and place in the
ultrasonic for 3-10 minutes and rinse after removal and steam like
normal. Repeat as necessary.

4- For larger pendants, belt buckles, etc use a old butter
container, pierce the lid also. Fill it just enough so it floats in
the ultrasonic cleaner and clean like in step 3.

5- This cleaner has Alkaline salts wear safety goggles and keep your
eyes safe.

Steve Satow