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Larimar [was: 35 mm Slide Scanner]

    Thanks for your info on the HP slide scanner, Amy. When looking
at your photos I noticed that you label Larimar as moonstone. It is
in fact a pectolite, . Here's a page about it. 

Chuck, Thank you for the link on Larimar. I do know that Larimar is
not moonstone, the piece you mentioned has both Larimar and moonstones
in it (the name “Larimar Moon Neckpiece” probably caused the
confusion). I thought I’d mention this because of all the recent
discussion about moonstone/specrolite (didn’t want to add any more
confusion to that!) Larimar is just about my favorite stone although I
find it curious that the hardness is always listed at 6. It seems
harder than that when I cut it, and I recently bought some rough with
green bursts in part of it that seem even harder. Anyway, I love the
stuff…and it goes wonderfully with moonstone!

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry