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Larimar rough for sale?

Good Morning,

I hope I don’t step out of bounds asking this type of question. I am looking for a person you I can trust and purchase good quality nice color rough Larimar. I am looking for small pieces in the rough if possible, or small rough cut ends. There are so many people in the market place selling JUNK Larimar which I have unfortunately found out. That is why
I have asked the question to the group.

Thanks for everyone’s help.


Hi Larry- I think larimar is tough to buy online. I buy mine in person at Tucson normally. The one vendor you might try is Maralago (no political affiliation). They have been in the larimar biz a long time. I have not seen them sell slab larimar, but you could ask. They have offered cut free form material in the past. You might also try GreatRough if they are still in business.
Larimar supplies are affected by hurricanes and other factors that influence the Dominican Republic. It can be hard to get info during Dec-Jan, when people go on holiday.
Good luck,

Sorry. Marahlago.

I did not know what Larmal was, and in a search amongst items that cam up was this:

2.2 x 0.5 x 1.9 inches


Hope this might help. Nice looking material.

John Dach

Be very careful and wary of sellers of larimar online. If you read the questions asked about the stone, it had a lot of negatives about it. Not much different from what I went through and lost a lot of money on a transaction. Others I know have had similar experiences. Biggest is not getting what you thought you were buying. Here in Florida, there is a group with multiple locations and company names that are really only a couple of people with many drop locations. If you do not get what was advertised in the condition it was advertised, you will never get your money back. From experience, go to a large rock show and purchase in person.