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Large drawplates

Hi Steve,
I solve the problem by annealing the tongs (callavins), file criss-cross
grooves on it, and then re-harden by heating to red hot, just before
pinkish hot. Quench it in a pail of used engine oil till somewhat
Robert is corect:you must anneal the wires after three pulls and you
anneal the taper first before starting to pull. At the beginning, pull a
little at a time, each time reposition the tong back close to the
drawplate. Use engine oil as lubricant. It may be greasy and dirty, but
it helps to prolong plate life. Careful not to overheat your plate
because the steel will anneal and the holes will widen faster. If your
drawplate holes are of tungsten carbide, handle carefully because it is
brittle : can crack under sudden jerk force. Happy pulling!
Joseph Chin.