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Laquer or coatings for copper

I keep reading that coatings don’t last. I have a Renoir brand
copper bracelet from the 50’s. It is woven, wide strips in one
direction (the warp for you fiber people) and wire in the other
(weft). It flexs a lot when I put it on and take it off. Its a
gorgeous shine orange-y copper color with black in the recesses.

Any ideas on what/how they made it not tarnish for 60 years while
still being flexible?


I was lucky enough to go to the jewelry school Alchimia in Florence
Italy for two weeks, and they said to use the clear spray for CARS.
I usually like to leave the metal alone, and let it do its own thing
in its new house, but if I want it to stay the same, I use that
spray. I have not had a piece long enough to see the long term
effect. Go to a place that sells car paint, and get the best spray.
Then USE OUTSIDE WITH A MASK. That stuff is powerful.