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…Uknu’s Latin
name is Lazulus, which means Blue Stone, and it was from here that
Lapis Lazuli got it’s name. Me, personally, I prefer Uknu. Has a
ring to it, dontcha think?

I enjoyed this story,but I think you left out one of the most
interesting historical facts about Lapis.It was used by the
great Leonardo Da Vinci and others as the first paint pigment for
Blue.I discovered this some 12 years ago when I was running a
bank of German auto cabbbers to mass cut Lapis in my factory.The
sludge that came off the diamond wheels,when dried was the most
attractive blue dust you would ever see.So I saved up 200# and
sold it to a artist’s paint supply.As a novalty item for
them,because they use now synthetics to make the
pigment.Remember this story also as a remindar to never throw
anything away.



I believe that during the Gothic period, art patrons told the
artist/craftsman, not only the subject of the painting but the
amounts or gold and lapus that would be used. Makes it sound
pretty commercial, eh?

Marilyn Smith