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Lamb Ring

I had an odd request and am hoping someone can help. I have a client
interested in having a lamb ring made with an emerald accent
somewhere in the ring. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you,
David Ginis
Ginis Goldsmiths
136 Ashman Circle
Midland MI 48640

Hello David.

That’s a very nice idea I don’t think odd at all. Give it a go. Try
a signet ring style, with lamb carved in relief, head down as to
graze. Then set emerald melee for the grass. It would be charming and
unique. Enjoy and good luck with pleasing your customer.



My ex mother in law raised sheep for years. We lived on the ranch for
13 years so I have had a lot of experience with lambs. Lambs are the
babies I’m sure you know and in the spring they tend to get very
animated trying out their new long legs. They skip and jump butt
each other and have quite a bit of fun. If I were designing I would
try to keep that in mind maybe two spring lambs encircling the finger
butting heads with an emerald in between their heads, Bo Peep seems
to always have ribbons around her lambs necks. Not very practical
unless your in a fairy tale. You could carve a wax with a bow around
the lambs neck. The bow could be pave’d emeralds or just a single
emerald in the middle of the bow. You could carve a sitting lamb
that would sit on top of the finger and the back of the lamb could
open up box like revealing a heart shaped emerald. Kind of some type
of Irish theme? You could opt for the obvious and pop a small round
emerald in the lambs eye.

Hope this helps
Regards J Morley Goldsmith/Laser welding