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Lack of quality control

My friend here in Toronto asked me to send his friend in another
overseas country to make a sample presentations for me…I waited
longer than expected…well I saw what arrived…P.O.S. and it doesn’t
mean “Point Of Sale” either.

The enamelling was bleeding over where it shouldn’t have to be…all
4 brooch wires had different lengths…I asked for a “blue enamel”…it
came back to me as BLACK…rough filing and then it was rhodium
plated…still rough looking…no “.925” stamp.

pin-holes everywhere…my friend looked disgusted…he was not
impressed…we sent the 10 samples back…he said initially, they
would do a beautiful job…well he and I were almost sick at the
results. I told him if my client wanted 10,000 ++ items of these, I
would be totally laughed at for the lack of quality control, and
delay of delivery…If the items are returned back to us in the same
manner…I’m not going to pursue this any more…

“When the Aggrevation Factor exceeds the economic Benefits…its time
to move on”…

Gerry Lewy

Dear all

The last posting about lack of quality-control lead me continue
further. It’s fine to get a cheaper price from overseas mfg’ing
shops…but the absence of communication and inspection throughout the
assembling process leaves much to be desired.

When I am making my line of expensive jewellery, I inspect EVERY
step of assembly, critique each procedure…weigh the 'pro’s & con’s’
of the casting, or Cad-Cam designing…how in blazes can I leave
this to someone else in another foreign land…totally impossible!!!

Cheap is good, but the lack of basic quality makes me feel to revise
my game-plan…That is why my line of casino-styled jewellery has
taken me about 10 months to manufacture. I control each and every
phase of production, and these are one-of-a-kind items.

My 6 sales-reps. want my items now, I say to them…“When it’s ready
and only when it’s passing my watchful eye”… Also, “You never get a
second chance for a first impression”…

Gerry Lewy!