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Labour + Cost of Goods Inventory & Accounting Program

Hi Everyone!

In previous discussions, we were looking for an inventory/accounting program to replace JDM Jewelry Design Manager. Labour + Cost of Goods + Inventory was the problem we were having with the programs.

AccountEdge Pro does have a component to add labour to the build items. As there are many ways and components to set it up, we just need to call them and they will do it right on our screen. They have components for Work in Progress, Cost of Sales, Build Items & Auto Build Items, Time Billing, Payroll or bypass the payroll. The inventory program is good.

On YouTube search AccountEdge and AccountEdge University. There are the Help and Knowledgebase links, free 30 phone support with logging into your system and unlimited email support. Components for Shopify & UPS. So one step no need to double enter the same information on two systems. Numerous different sales tax options. The USA and Canadian tax & payroll tables can be purchased separately. It also has capabilities for tracking inventory in different locations, ie, safe, caster, consignment, etc.

I know some people are trying to rewrite JDM but it’s a waste of time, as there was never an accounting portion of the program. Secondly, JDM did not have a Build Item component, it was a manual duplication and adjusting inventory counts to make Pieces out of Parts.

They have really good customer support and the program is easy to use. I do not have any affiliation with the program but I am glad I purchased it. Good value for the dollars. We purchased the 3 manuals so our cost was under $700. You don’t need to have an accounting background or bookkeeping experience. It has dozens or analyzing reports.

So if you are looking for a program that works for the above topics, this is a good option. I hope this helps anyone who is still looking for a program.

Deb H

thx deb! just curious - does anyone use quickbooks?

Quickbooks does not have a good inventory system, I have used them and fired them! The latest version I was using was so complicated, their simplification hid most thing and it was difficult to find things.

AccountEdge is a generation of MYOB, simple but the components they have built-in make it a very useful program for inventory and manufacturing.

With the 30 days of tech support, which is in NJ, not India or China, we weren’t able to bring the system online as we were working on launching the website. Anyway, they have reapplied the 30 days of tech support for us. It’s $300 without the manuals!


thx much
i use QB for everything except inventory so dont have much experience w that.

i think i heard it worked better to use excel for inventory.

great to hear there is something else available!

I switched to Craftybase and am pretty pleased. If you create recipes for your products it will track labor