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I’ve never had a problem with drying and smudging where a laser
printer is concerned.

I don’t know what operating system you use or what your word
processor is but Microsoft Word, Works and Word all have label
printing software. Try Office Max and Avery labels or contact
Z-International, Inc. North Kansas City, Mo 64116.

Bob B

…I would also be
interested in any info regarding a printing company which does
labels. I have contacted Performance Label and received a bid for
this project but would consider other sources. Thanks, Judie


Try your local print shop. Check the yellow pages under
"Printers", or ask local businesses who they deal with. You are
likely to get better service from someone local.


In a message dated 97-05-14 02:37:41 EDT, you write:

I’m trying to find a source for press apply labels
size 1/4"W x 1 1 1/4" L to use with my jewelry cards. We would
like toprint these labels ourselves using our Gateway 2000.

I think most Gateway’s come with Microsoft Word & Microsoft
Works. Both of these programs can do labels easily. Click on
labels (under Tools in both) and check the size you want to use.
Your dimensions look custom to me, just click custom to set your

Any program you use will not specify the type of printer you
must have. That only depends on the hardware you have (or have
access to). I use both laser and ink and don’t have problems with
either one smudging. I think most inks are pretty much smear
proof now, you just have to let the ink dry completely. Good

Hi Judie,

You would have more of a smudging/drying problem with an ink-jet
type printer. Laser printers function much like photocopiers,
using a dry toner system, so damp ink is a non-issue. Smudged
laser printing means something is wrong with the printer.

Labels are available in a variety of sizes from office supply
houses. Avery is a well known brand, but there are other brands
as well. You can also buy full-sheet labels and cut them to your
own size (after printing) using a paper cutter.

Microsoft Word has a feature that understands printing labels.
You can tell it what standard label size you have, or give it a
custom size, and it will set up a table (or grid) for you. If
you want, it can then merge data from a Microsoft Excel
spreadsheet into the labels, or you can put the same thing on
every label. I’m not certain, but I suspect other reputable word
processors have this feature, too.

I hope this helps,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC

If your laser printer output is smudging it means the heater element
that fuses the toner is dead or dying, or you have an ink jet printer
instead? Dave
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