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L/45 L/80 Wasserstoff Hydrogen Torch

Anyone use a hydrogen torch called Wasserstoff L/45 or L/80?

Here’s a picture:

Any info at all? There’s a local distributor who imports this torch
from Europe, but there isn’t any about it on the
internet - kind of strange.


Dear Brian:

I manage North American operations for a firm which makes a larger,
fully patented, more advanced system called the Spirflame[tm]

Although the unit is described in German, it is manufactured in
Italy by the firm of Elettronica Todescato. Try In the USA you can reach their local
distributor, SRA (Stan Rubinstein Associates), try
They label the 45 liter per hour model the “250” and the 80 liter per
hour model the “350.” This will get you the info. you need. It should
be noted, there are single cell units and multicell gas generators.
Spirflames[tm] are the newer, more advanced, multicell system, having
distinct advantages in flame size, safety, durability and
maintenance. Spirflames[tm] are also more expensive. A number of our
customers have upgraded to our system from these specific single cell

If you would like our without obligation or follow up,
please send me your complete mailing address (no PO Box please, we
ship via UPS) and I will get it right out to you.

Best Regards,

Gary W. Miller
Sr. Technical Advisor