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Kumboo Gloves


Good Morning all! The gloves mentioned sound like they could support
enough heat to possibly hold the pieces with the fingers while
burnishing - that would be terrific! I may be wrong about that. In the
kum-boo session, we were balancing the work directly on the hot plate
burner. I will definitely make a metal plate to cover the hot plate
and prevent chasing the pieces as they fall through the burner. The
plate should also cut down the direct heat radiating from the burner
itself. It was necessary to hold the work at odd angles while
burnishing - and that is when I would have to back off from the
burner. Felicity, you must have a good set of the “asbestos” fingers
that I joking refer to - when on the polishing machine! I’m concerned
though, about my doing something very dumb - in an unconscious moment

  • paying too much attention to the work at hand and not the hand ! :slight_smile:
    Komelia Okim mentioned not wearing contact lenses while doing the
    kum-boo. If you are getting too close to the heat they could be
    affected. I don’t wear contacts - but just thought I’d throw that
    tidbit into the string. Look forward to any more feedback. Kum-boo is
    a wonderful technique. Charles’ article is another winner of
    too. In case someone missed the address - it is :

Aloha, Cynthia