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Kum Boo [Was: Linnea Lahlum]

I am a graduate student in art and would like to specialize in various
jewelry techniques. Currently I am researching a Korean technique called
" KUM-BOO" .

besides Metals Techinic edited by Tim McCreight, Charles Lewton-Brain has
some info on the internet and in one of his books.

Also if you search the archives alot of discussion on where to get gold foil and
various techniques are posted.“Kum Boo” or “Kuem Boo” can be found at


then an article search at,

My thanks to Alan Revere and all the other people that gave me the info
for a former student who is also doing reesearch on the same topic for Lee
Peck at SIU. Also- I don’t know if you are in the Ca area or not but on
August 8 &9 Sueng Lim Lee is holding a workshop on Kuem Boo at the
Richmond Arts Center.(510)620-6772 You might also search the website at


Good luck and if you need still more info please contact me off line I
think I can come up with another article if I search( thru boxes)-Don
Wollwage in sunny, sunny Ca.