Kudos to Precious Metals West

I know we have all read the contributions to Orchid by Dan Ballard
and Precious Metals West, as well as their excellent Kraftswerks

Well, for me personally times are tough, and I needed to find money.
I had been collecting bits and pieces of gold in hopes of working
with it in jewelry. Well, for me, it will be Silver for some time to

I collected all the gold I could find, and sent it on to Dan and
Precious Metals West. I felt the integrity was there, and was well
aware of the many scams out there for “Gold.”

Yesterday, I received a check from them, and was amazed, and deeply
pleased. The accounting was precise, and the refining charge of
$100, exceptionally reasonable.

My thanks to Daniel, Precious Metals West and the responsible way
they conduct their business. This is a strong recommendation from
me, to anyone considering turning their gold into money.

Thanks and Hugs,