Kudos to Foredom

The screw holding the release lever of my Foredom H.20 quick change handpiece fell out.

Apparently it found a wormhole and escaped to another dimension or parallel universe (likely the same one where small diamonds and emeralds go). Sweeping, and crawling around on the floor with a flashlight confirmed that.

So I emailed Foredom to find out if they had parts available, or for the length, diameter and pitch of the screw if I needed to get the part locally.

I got an immediate reply, and they are sending the screw and washer to me, gratis. The handpiece still works, though the lever keeps falling off. Iā€™m pretty sure it is too large for a wormhole, but you never know, and retrieving it from the floor with every bit change takes the quick out of quick change.

News of great customer service should be shared. Kudos to Foredom.

Neil A


Haha, too funny!
And good news, thanks for sharing!