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Kraftwerks symposium

I have a question… I am trying to find out when Kraftwerks symposium
is this year…and location… I know it is by invite only, but I
still like to go to the hotel to chat with others…thanks

Kraftwerks is Aug. 12 & 13 in Ontario, California. As far as “by
invitation only” goes, I’m not sure you’re right…You can call
1-800-999-7528 for info

John Shanahan, Associate Editor
AJM magazine
The Authority on Jewelry Manufacturing
Editor, AJM Online
800-444-6572, ext. 3037

Kraftwerks is not yet sold out. It is “Invitational” in the way we
"Invite" our guest masters. They are “invited” to be our presenters,
all others in our trade are welcome. More info can be found at