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[Kraftwerks] Miracle Media and PolishPlusProcees

Hi Orchidians!

A fellow devoted Orchidian, Peter Richardson has made a truly
fundamental breakthrough in Jewelry making technology. The new
Miracle Media-™ in the PolishPlusProcees-™ is breaking all
existing records for surface finishing of gems and metals. Most
jewelers are used to a two or three micron “grit” in their rouge.
Well this process works as if you had used .02 Micron grit. I do not
understand Root Mean Squared or Root Mean Averaging for measuring
this but I do see a hug difference in gold, platinum, CZ, diamond and
even opal and pearl. Who ever heard of polishing pearls? This process
will be officially announced and demonstrated at Kraftwerks. I just
had to share the fact of this breakthrough coming via at least in
part from one of our own Ganoksin/orchid fans.

Seats are still available at Kraftwerks please register and attend
this event. Thanks to Hanuman for sponsoring us as well.

Kraftwerks 2004 - Jewelry Manufacturing Seminar

Kraftwerks is a gold refinery turned seminar for jewelers. We
invite “Kraftmasters” like Alishan Halebian, Glen Engelbrecht,
and Mark Mann to show and teach a part of what they know to
all who attend. Kraftwerks will be held on August 14th & 15th
2004. Call 213-689-4872 for details.

Daniel Ballard