Kraftwerks 2003

Hello All Orchidians- Daniel Ballard here, the new Kraftwerks
director. I am searching for a really top notch gem cutter for
Kraftwerks this year. I would like to find a person who facets very
well, (rather than a gem carving master) Ideally we would ship in
the equipment and gem or diamond faceting would be performed for all
to learn about. Please send suggestions or resumes to me offline at
PMWest. or call me at 800-999-7528. This
person need not be well known, (though that is a bonus of course) but
must be master class talent or a inventor/developer of some great
technique. BTW Kraftwerks is August 23rd & 24th, featuring Henry
Dunay, Michael Mann and more great talent. In general, I will be
looking for our talent for 2004 as well as one or two for this year.
Some of you have really enjoyed past years, and I could frankly use
some help finding true masters out of my field or geographic area.
My thanks to you all!