Konnie Keyworth - Jewelry Gallery

The Jewelers at No.72
Almonte, Ontario. Canada

As a jewelry designer my collection is always evolving. I produce a limited numbers of pieces per style and no molds are ever made .

We are all unique in our character, life experience, opinions etc and I believe jewelry should be the same. The process of hand forming my items inevitably produces small differences, giving them a unique story or 'fingerprint' . With this philosophy the wearer becomes an active participant in an ever changing installation..

Materials: Sapphire, Silver, 14k Goldfilled

Silver Bangle with goldfilled oval clasp and bezel set cabochon Sapphire

Photo credit: Konnie Keyworth


Materials: Chrome Diopside, White Topaz, Pearl, Silver

Silver Bangle clasp made up of a Baroque Pearl inset with Chrome Diopside on a silver plate also with two Bezel set white Topaz.

Photo credit: Konnie Keyworth