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Koil Kutter and MKII

Was: Problems with Pepe Mill sold by Stuller

Has it never occurred to you that you are wasting a tremendous
amount of time by constantly hand winding, loading, unloading and
cutting 3" long coils? 

Lol! Of course it did about the second week! That is why I have been
using 15" mandrels for the last 2 1/2 years. And sir, watch
impinging my mental faculties. It will win neither you nor your
product any more support.

I offer millimeter diameters from .8 mm to 13 (quarter mm increments
from 2 mm through 6mm, half step increments from 7 mm to 13 mm)
using B&S 24 ga wire up to B&S 10 ga. So yes, maybe I am losing a
sale or two by not regularly cutting (they aren’t on my website)
rings larger than about 1/2 inch. However, I doubt it, as I have the
ability to cut larger than 1/2" but very little call for them so far.

You did not buy an inexpensive tool. you bought a cheap tool!

Are you kidding me?! I got a deal with the Koil Kutter!

In addition to the above, our new MKII will allow you to cut ANY
metal including stainless or any other alloy of steel, iron,
titanium, niobium and platinum. 

As for the other metals, I was going to purchase an All Metals Saw
shortly after starting my company. I saved the money for it, and
then it was discontinued with promises of a better version. So I am
pleased that you have the MKII available. I will check into it
although the only other metal I am interested in being able to cut is