Knitted silver question

Hi everybody,

I would like some advice regarding the knitted sterling silver
necklace I’m making. I’m adding Delica beads between each stitch.
When I’m finished, I usually draw the necklace through a draw plate to
compress the tube to 3/16". I’ve tried this before with Iolite beads
in the stitches and found that after drawing the necklace down, many
of the beads were “squished” inside the loops, preventing them from
being seen from the outside. Does this mean that I shouldn’t draw the
necklace down this far, or at all?

Chilly in Toronto,



when i use the knitting spool with nails thing, (i use very]high tec
stuff you know) i pull on the work as i go, and it seems to work
well for me…to address the inside beads,… i also found that when
i put the bead on the wire that spans the nails, the beads are place
in the inside. if i position the bead on the nail, bringing up the
wire over the wire with the bead, then the bead is situated on the

takes longer and seems awkward, but it is worth it to have the
beads show.

i know, clear as mud… sorry

Hi Catrina - LTNS :slight_smile:

With corked necklaces, the beads do have a tendency to tuck into the
loops as you draw the necklace down. The effect created looks like a
coloured core with a silvery netting on the outside. Have you tried
adding a bead only every second or third stitch rather than every
stitch? If the effect you’re trying to get is to see the beads on
the outside, you could draw the necklace down to the diameter you
want, then gently pull the beads out a bit again with the hook so
they show better. Spacing the beads a little more will give you the
room to move them around. You could also try using larger beads.

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario