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Knife Making & Metals Techniques revealed

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that as part of my goal to get Art Knives
more widely seen & accepted I have recently added an important new
section to my website entitled “Process”. Here you will find over
100 photos detailing step-by-step the creation of one of my knives.
Even if you are not at all interested in knives, I think everyone
here on Orchid could appreciate the construction methods involved. My
hope is that perhaps other metalsmiths could pick up a few tricks &
incorporate them into your own work.

I will also be at next weeks SNAG conference & I hope to see many of
my friends & make many more. I have a piece in the Rock & Roll Hall
of Fame show, so I hope many of you will enjoy seeing it. I will also
have a Sapphire encrusted folding knife on me during the conference,
so please stop me if you see me around, I will be happy to share my
work with you in person.

I hope to hear back & see many of you soon.

John Lewis Jensen
(626) 449 - 1148


What beautiful creations. Extremely creative. Your web site is
fantastic. Beautiful. Easy to navigate.

Lee Epperson

Oh my - I’m not really a knife lover, but I’m so very impressed with
your photos and the exactness of your work. Very interesting -
thanks for sharing with us. They are really exquisite productions
and I, for one, had no idea of what was involved in creating such a
thing. Very informative.