Knife Bangle Commission

Hi all,

I have been commissioned to make a men’s bangle that has a hidden
knife in it. It has to be jewellery and the small knife has to be
made out of rust proof knife steel. So I need a small piece of knife
steel. Can anybody direct me to a source?

Thanks, Hans Meevis

Hi Hans,

Why not offer him a damascus blade. It has a strong correlation with
mokume gane and you can sell some romance along the way.


p.s. there is a scandinavic company that makes them aswell, but I
lost the bookmark to their site.

pps: (the swedisch company)

Hi Hans,

I am unclear as to the purpose of this knife. If for decoration
only, a kitchen knife from a salvage store would be a blank for
cheap. Last time I was in cutlery store, however, I was told
stainless came in much better quality, these days. I am not sure
whether the difference is significant. I know there are good
knifemakers, on this list, who can direct you to anything you want to
pay for.

Regards, Jon

Hello Hans,

You might try or for

Hope it helps! Carol, whose hubby’s name is also Hans :slight_smile:

Hello Hans;

I need a small piece of knife steel. Can anybody direct me to a

Maybe the easiest way to get this item would be to buy an
inexpensive commercial knife and scavenge the blade. Of course, if
you have to reshape it by heating, you’d have to re-temper it, which
might take a couple tries to get right. But if you insist on making
it from stock, I’m sure there are some knife maker’s on this forum
who can suggest a stainless alloy (high carbon, I’d guess) and a
source for small quantities of it.


This forum is great. Go to the knife makers section, and I don’t
think that you would have a hard time finding someone to make a
small, quality, knife blade for you. There are a few people that make
sone wonderful minature knives.