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Knew Concepts shipping label


I just received a package from Knew Concepts containing the titanium
soldering strips, and one of their aprons. I don’t care for the fit
of the shop aprons I have and wanted to try theirs. The shipment came
in what looks like a pizza box. Note the package label that is on the

That brightened my day. Thanks, guys.

Neil A.


If that was noted on our Canadian-USA International-Customs label,
it wouldn’t get beyond the border, darn great idea on the
"Description of Contents".

What no french fries with it? Pity!


You made my day. Thanks for sharing.



Hi Neil,

Glad we could help cheer you up.

The saw boxes really are pizza boxes. They’re the right size, and
easily available.

We’ve joked about getting custom printed ones done that really do
look like pizza box artwork, but it turns out to be way too

The labels were as far as we could justify going in pursuit of
silliness. When I did the labels, I had extra room, so I decide to
run with it and do the extra cheese and anchovies.

We’re just about out of those, and about to move the shop, so there
will be new ones in the not-entirely-distant future. Which means a
whole new crop of extra ingredients. Anybody have suggestions or
requests? I’d like to stay with the pizza theme, but I’ll entertain
other suggestions if convincingly argued.



Glad that you like the shipping label. All credit for this goes to
Brian Meek. I had said that we needed a label of some sort so that
we could differentiate what was in the box, and this is what he came
up with.

I had already settled on the pizza box as being the most efficient
box size that provided the most protection for the saw, as well as
being the least expensive. After all, they are not custom sizes, are
readily available, and hopefully bring a bit of humour to your day.

Lee (the saw guy)


Lee just upgraded my older precision saw guide for staggeringly low
money with a swift turn around time. I’ve been impressed with every
contact I’ve had with Knew Concepts.

The “pizza” label was just too funny!