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Knew Concepts sells off Bonny Doon Polo shirts

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the weird title, but I wanted to make it very clear what’s
going on.

First, a little history: Once upon a time, Lee Marshall developed a
hydraulic press design that became a company: Bonny Doon

These are the standard hydraulic presses that are in most American
metalsmithing studios.

After many years, Lee decided to retire, and sold Bonny Doon to the
current owner, Phil Poirer, in New Mexico.

Much of the gear went off to Phil, but for those who’ve ever seen
Lee’s old shop, it wouldn’t shock anyone that we discovered a couple
of boxes of B-D shirts hidden away on a shelf while cleaning the
other day.

Several years ago, Lee, being retired, decided to start another
company: Knew Concepts, and to do for the jeweler’s saw market what
he’d done to the hydraulic press market. So now we’re Knew Concepts.
But we still have 2 boxes of “classic” Bonny Doon shirts, circa 2000
or so. We would like them to find new homes, with people who
appreciate them.

Be the last on your block to have a brand new Bonny Doon 'classic’

There are about 2 dozen of them, a mix of T-shirts and white polos.
Seem to be mostly adult large and XL. They’re white, with an image
of one of Phil’s goblets, and a gold bracelet on the front. (The
polos have it about the size of a pack of cards, on the left breast,
while the T’s have it larger, and centered.)

$15 each. ($10+$5 shipping) If you’re interested in one, drop me a
line directly. First come, first served.

Just to be totally clear, this has nothing to do with the current
incarnation of Bonny Doon Engineering, it’s just us trying to clean
up the shop. (scary thought, no?)

Brian Meek
Knew Concepts