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Knew concepts precision diesaw users-want toys?

Hi Guys,

Lee just cooked up an addon/modification for the MkII precision die
saw. (The one with the manual red saw that was the ancestor of the
KC jeweler’s saws.) For those of you out there in Orchid land comes
this exclusive opportunity to get free toys, in exchange for

The new part is an adjustable stop that locks the hold-down foot
down against the die you’re cutting. It doesn’t add spring
pressure, but it does absolutely prevent the foot from riding up.
It’s easily adjustable for thickness.

What I’m looking for are a couple of people to play with the new
part, and see how they feel about it. I’m looking for people who use
the hold down foot as they saw, and are likely to use it to cut a
die (or something) in the next few weeks. The goal here is to see
how people who aren’t me feel about it, and how it effects their
work. There are only two prototypes, so first two (direct) replies
get them.

Brian Meek
Knew Concepts.