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Knew Concepts-->Knew Owner

HI Gang,

Since I’m logged in as Brian at the moment, the time seems right to let everybody know what’s been going on with Knew Concepts since Lee passed away at the end of June.

It took a while to get all the paperwork straightened out, but as of Tuesday this week, I’m the new owner of Knew Concepts.
There will be an official announcement via KC’s social media stuff in a few days as soon as we get done writing the copy, but since Orchid has always been a sort of home, it feels appropriate that the first announcement come here.

The copy I’m working on is a sort of history of how we got here, and a recognition of the people who helped build the company into what it’s become. It often looked like it was just me and Lee in a cave by the sea, but that was never the whole story, and it’s time that some of the other players get a chance to take a bow too. That’s turning into a semi-epic undertaking, but I feel the need to try. I will inevitably miss some people, and for that I apologize, but the alternative is saying nothing. So… (This will be done in two waves: a shorter one recognizing our actual employees, and a much longer story (saga) explaining how it all unfolded.)

As far as Knew Concepts’ direction moving forward, I promised Lee I’d finish the big (24" legs) marquetry saw for the woodworking market. Then will come a few new toys for you sadly neglected jewelers. Chief among them a new way for the kitchen table folks to get a bench pin/GRS mount onto a kitchen table at the right height to be useful, and still able to take it off for dinner with the family.

This may be cribbing a bit, but it’s a hopeful thought.
Per ardua ad astra.

Brian Meek
Knew Concepts.


Congratulations and best of luck Brian.

Congratulations Brian! Best Person to carry KC forward! Have fun!


Rock on, Bri

all the best. KC is still in good hands to maintain the innovative and excellent equipment that we’ve grown to like and expect. good luck
Robin from Scotland

Congratulations! Sounds like things are well in hand.


“Passing the ‘Baton of Life’ to the younger generation”! Isn’t this what
it’s all about?..Mazel Tov a.k.a. ‘congratulations’…

*Gerry Lewy. *
*Toronto, *Canada.


Keep up the excellent work adding useful tools to our industry Brian. I wish you continued success.

Best regards

It’s good to know you’re the boss now Brian. The image of the gnome and his side kick making magic tools in a cave by the sea is one I’ll treasure.


Lee, if you knew him in person, was an awful lot like Vulcan. Limping, frequently grumpy, and could make any blinking thing. Absolutely no sufferance for fools, but if you passed the test… He was one of the best friends I’ve ever had.
Weyland Smith is a pretty solid description of him, really. Few men can be accurately described using cultural archetypes. He could. And he lived up to it. Other than the unavoidable grumpy part, I think that’d please him.

Brian Meek
Knew Concepts

Hi Brian,
First… Lee… Wow, I’ve been out of the social loop as far as work , staying busy making dies and causing trouble in other parts of cyberspace, so I only just now read that Lee is gone! Condolences to all concerned ; he was a Major Dude , great guy, and awesome inventor. Lee helped me pull my head out of the sand back in the 90’s , and see the larger community of cooperating- not competing- metalsmiths. he gave me presses and saws that I have been using daily since that time . He put up with a lot of annoying phone calls from me back in the day , with almost limitless patience and generosity . I consider myself fortunate to have visited him at the old BD in the hills outside Santa Cruz twice , and will be eternally grateful for the association and friendship.

Congrats to you, Brian. You have big shoes to fill, and though I can’t say I know you, I can say that, since you’re in this position by virtue of working with lee, you are up to the task.

Dar Shelton (the real pancake die guy)

I guess I was lucky; I never experienced his grumpiness. Whenever I call with a question, however dumb, he was always sweet and just helped out.