Kiosks or Carts in a Mall


I’ve been reading the posts discussing pro’s and con’s of having a
store in a mall vs a store outside a mall. Has anybody had
experience selling jewelry from a kiosk or a cart in a mall? I
realize this probably wouldn’t work for very “high end” jewelry but
I think it would be great for a couple of artists to get together
and sell their jewelry that way.

I would think that one problem with working at home is that
customers who don’t know you very well may feel shy about entering
your house. Even if you had a store outside the mall maybe you could
use the kiosk or cart to give you a mall presence but also direct
people to your store.

DanielBe Jewelry

I think the main concern about trying to do retail sales out of your
home is that you are bringing strangers to a place where you keep
money, inventory and raw materials…not to mention your personal
items and family. I think most people are good but there are many who
might see that as an open invitation to come shopping when you aren’t
home. Almost anything would be preferable to opening your doors…do
the best you can with what you can afford.

Mike Dibble
Black Horse Design

Actually, do not underestimate a kiosk in the mall. I work at a
mall via kiosk even though it is for one of the largest computer
companies in their retail pilot program, I have gotten to know all my
kiosk vendors in the area. One off shoot of Kay’s, Piercing Pagoda
has one and does real well. It is a very good low overhead
alternative with very high exposure.


I worked with my son (wire wrapper) on a cart in the mall for 6
months recently. The mall was upscale and in the Washington, D.C.
suburbs. I had a display of my one-of-a-kind pieces, got lots of
questions and comments but never sold one there. The items that sold
were in the $20 - $45 range. I could answer any more specific
questions you might have. Donna in VA