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I am looking into buying a kiln. The purpose of this kiln are
the following:

  1. For the use of making granules for granulation.
  2. Fusing granules on 22k and fine silver
  3. Burnout of flasks for casting
  4. PMC
  5. Fusing of gold on Platinum as shown in GZ magazine
  6. Annealing of fine wires, sheets etc of different metals.

My question is which is the best kiln for the above jobs?

< My question is which is the best kiln for the above jobs? >>

It seems to me that accurate temperature control is what you
need. I use two neycraft kilns, and one separate ney kiln control
(I can’t think of its actual name, its like a kilnminder). It’s a
computer that controls your burnout cycle, precisely ramping up
to the temp. you want, over the time you want and holding as long
as you want. It can delay the start so its ready when you walk in
in the morning. You never have to worry about turning it up or
down once its set. You can program in four different cycles. I
don’t know how I got along without it. For any of the other
processes you can set it for say 600 degrees for one hour and
then have it shut down, no more overcooked peices. The kilns work
fine without this device, it just takes alot more time and
attention. I love mine.

Mark P.