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Kiln chamber


Hi all,

I have recently been gifted a very small kiln. The chamber measures
three inches wide by two and three quarters tall. I know that they
sell flasks in the two and a quarter range but is that chamber big
enough for the burn out process? Also would a small flask like that
accommodate the casting of small rings?



That is very small. I think if the flask is not tight to the top and
bottom it would work. Might have to be creative in getting it out at
1000 degrees. 2 inch flask is big enough for rings, that’s primarily
what I use. Vent it. It will smoke when the wax melts.


You dont say how deep the kiln is so if it is more than 3" deep then
a small flask will fit in it lying on its side. This is not the best
position for burning out but will do. Small kilns tend to heat up
very quickly so if it is a muffle type enamelling kiln start off
with the door openand try and melt as much of the wax out firt and
only close the door once the smoke from the wax has gone. You can
put a match to the fuming wax to ignite it as this reduces the
amount od soot emitted. You can cast rings with a small flask but be
careful of the sprue lngth as you dont want to have a weakened
bottom by having too little investment under the patterns.

Nick Royall