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Kilin Soldering


is it possible for me to solder sterling in a kiln, i have one that
goes up to about 1500 to 1550, thanks, and advise on the best solder
etc ,thanks so much, rodney


It is quite possible to solder in a kiln, but you must do something
to prevent severe oxidation from occurring while the sterling is hot.
Paste solder may be the best bet. One method is to put the piece with
the solder in charcoal so the carbon can get the oxygen before the
silver/copper alloy does. Some use a flux coating, and commercial
production facilities use conveyor belt ovens that split anhydrous
ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen which are used as a “forming” gas
or reducing atmosphere… These are very expensive commercial
machines. Electric kilns are better for this, they pass less oxygen
anyway. The point is not the method, but the fact of eliminating or
reducing the oxygen content around the silver while it is heated

Daniel Ballard