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Hi All, I am very pleased to have Jayne Redman teach a Keum-boo
Workshop here. Ther e are spaces available. The Keum-boo Process with
Jayne Redman - 2 daysA0A0 October 17-18 (Thurs-Fri, 9-5) $225 + $60
materials Keum-boo is a beautiful and cost effective technique used
to bond gold and silver overlay to the surfaces of jewelry and
hollowware. In this two-day workshop, students roll their own 24k
gold and fine silver and apply these materials to three dimensional,
flat, and textured metal surfaces. We will also rollprint the base
metal to be embellished and experiment with different metals and
patinas to create a variety of color combinations. We will discuss
ways to use the technique in production as well as one-of-a-kind
work. Students may bring finished pieces in sterling or 18k t o
embellish, or create samples in class. Jayne Redman is a professional
jewelry designer whose work is exhibited in galleries across the
country. She won the 1998 Niche Award for Silver Jewelry. Jayne was
recently featured in AJM, Lapidary Journal and Ornament Magazine. She
widely respected for her innovative approach to the Keum-Boo process
and design. Jayne is a graduate of Maine College of Art where she
taught courses in beginning and advanced Jewelry and Metals To read
an article on Jayne <

Kate Wolf, in Portland, Maine where the leaves are starting to turn.