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Kerr Ultra Waxer 2


Anyone care to share some tips when using the Kerr Ultra Waxer 2?



I'm not sure just where you are in your skills, or what you're
trying to do. But, as a metal smith/jeweler, among other things, I
was interested in your question, especially since I practiced
dentistry for 45+ years and early on waxed and cast many items for
dental care. 
So, I did a search on 'how to use' the Kerr 2 waxer and there was
at least one You Tube video that appeared very helpful. 
Of course it all depends on what you are trying to do but it's
hard to imagine an instrument that might help you more to set up
jewelry projects or sculpture. 
That think looked like so much fun that I'm tempted to get
one....but, I *have* to draw the line somewhere! 

Thanks for your input.

I purchased the Kerr Waxer because it looks like it can do certain
things faster than my wolf wax carvers and files can.

I think the Kerr, like so many tools, will be good at adding specific
new possibilities to a wax carving arsenal. Not sure about it being a
stand alone answer to wax carving.

I imagine that there are things like using the Kerr ultra Waxer at
different temperatures to get different results depending on what
type of technique you are using while carving. Or, what tip is best
for what. These things I’m unsure about.

If anyone had ideas, I’d love to hear!

It seems like most of the videos I’ve found refer to dental and not

Do you mind if I make this email available to other orchid readers…

Someone else might chime in with more info…