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Keeping wax from sticking to wooden mandrel

I am curious what I need to coat a wooden ring mandrel with to keep
molten wax from sticking to it when I’m building up a ring shank
using molten wax?


I just wrap a piece of wax paper around the mandrel–wax side up.
Heat the seam with heated tool so that it does not slip around.


I have been taught to wrap some aluminum foil (the cheap, thin kind)
around the mandrel and then to lightly coat it with dishwashing

Silicon stray will work fine for this.

Steve Cowan

I put masking tape on mine. The wax sticks to it just enough.

Janet Kofoed

Try a thin layer of vaseline


Put shellac or some kind of lacquer thats suitable for wood evenly
over the whole wooden mandrel, no wax will stick. Or purchase one
already lacquered.

Sigi Eurich